The basis for the refurbishment of the old Creatures Loft, was to re-brand the venue with a theme that would be familiar and inviting to those who first discovered Creatures in its early years. Recycled 1950s furniture, motifs from the circus and theatre mixed with industrial adornments, and an enchanted floral backdrop by local stencil artist Lucinda Crimson, create an intriguing space that identifies with the local culture and Creatures history in Fremantle.

Now called Creatures Nextdoor this new stand aside venue offers a more comfy, intimate retreat than the original Little Creatures venue next door. The lighting level has been softened greatly throughout and the perceived ceiling height of the main room lowered with the installation of four large bradleycole chandeliers, created from copper tubing and beer bottles. An extravagant array of collectable 1950s furniture pieces provide moments of discovery and colour in the main space with matching cane furniture on both the balconies that overlooks the Fishing Boat Harbour.

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